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Grenada Village and Churton Park are being reassured about traffic safety by Council in various communications relating to the proposed Churton Park Community Centre and Mark Avenue extension. What do you propose in our community to deal with:

Black ice on the proposed road?

Traffic calming and landscaping down Westchester East as it meets the proposed round about?

Traffic calming and landscaping along Middleton Road?


City Council response

The road, because of its curvilinear nature and restricted width, will not be conducive to high speeds and therefore there is no need for traffic calming, The road will have a relatively even grade with no steep inclines.


As the speed limit is restricted to 50km/hr, consistent with other local roads, we expect there will be no problems with bends or other geometric constraints.  As such we expect the road to be safe and fit for its purpose as a principal local collector road.


There are no proposals outside the scope of the new road link to carry out further calming or landscaping such as on Middleton Road or Westchester Drive East.