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Example Glenside gabion wall

Example of rock gabion wall in Glenside

The stream bed is narrow. How will you go about constructing the rock gabion walls in such a way that you don’t damage private land-owners side of the stream-banks?

What are the more ecological constructions available than rock gabion walls? For example, on Middleton Road rural, north of the cutting, the walls below the footpath are made of some other type of construction that has grass growth over it.

Please clarify how high the proposed rock walls will be from the stream bed up to the road, and how high the cuttings will be above the road in these places:

Opposite the bridge, Middleton road end?

Opposite Bonds?

On the difficult corner at Reedy’s, by their bridge where you propose to move the stream?

City Council response

Construction will be carried out on land owned by the WCC. We don’t envisage having to encroach on any private land to carry out construction.

Gabions are considered a sensitive ecological structure. They too can have vegetation cover. But where they are close to or in the stream bed, planting is unlikely to be sustained because of water action and erosion. Other alternatives such as geo-grid systems could be explored.

These systems will not be appropriate in all areas but if this technique can provide for more effective revegetation then it will be considered.

While different systems can provide alternatives for planting these are almost always more expensive and might not be cost effective. Options will be looked at during the detailed design phase and where an alternative will give a better outcome for both the character of the area and is cost effective then it may be used.

We are also about to embark on the detailed design of the retention ponds and other ecological features and the consideration of stream side stream retention will be part of this work.

We will be happy to share this with you as it is developed.