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With regard to safety for users crossing the proposed round-about at the intersection of Westchester Drive East and Middleton Road.

What other options are there for pedestrians crossing Middleton Road at the proposed round-about apart from islands?

The community has expressed concern for pedestrians, cyclists and horses getting across this proposed round-about to Council several times, including at the 2007 AGM. As a result of the concerns raised what are you doing to remodel it for safety?

Please direct us to the research that says signals don’t work in isolation.


City Council response

The use of a round-about to control traffic movements in the area is very conventional and for the number of vehicles, pedestrians and other users will provide the community with a safe and efficient intersection.

Additional pedestrian amenity can be built into the splinter islands to make the roundabout safe and convenient for users.

Traffic signals are not warranted for the number of users and volume of traffic in the area. Roundabouts are well used and understood by road users across the city and traffic signals are not consistent with the other control devices used in the area.