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The community would like a clear overlay map showing:

the current road designation

the proposed road designation

the stream

land Council has bought

property boundaries

The A4 size map (enclosed) which is unnamed and undated, appears to have this most of this information, but the data is confusing and too small to read. The legend for “existing road surveyed” appears to confuse Stebbings Road with the stream.

The map doesn’t appear to show the actual current designated road as we understand it to be i.e. The road shown to us in the Northern Growth Management Framework consultation meetings and later on numerous maps provided by Council.

What is the legal status of the unformed road (marked in red) off the end of Glenside Road?


City Council response

No one plan shows all the information that you seek. I have included a copy of our latest plan (C01 rev G) showing intersection treatments and the overall road alignment.

An additional plan C13-7 rev 7 shows property boundaries and the land the council has acquired for building the road.

Plan C13-3 rev 4 shows both additional areas and other areas no longer required for road constructions which are covered by the present road designation.

The red lines off the end of Glenside road on the A4 plan provided show land owned and reserved for future road purposes. This is commonly referred to as a paper road as it is currently unformed and only exists on paper.