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Wellington City Council roading engineers are unable to provide us with a cost for the road yet Council officers are asking Councillors to make decisions on the road, including decisions to proceed with it.

Please provide us with a copy of the latest road costing made available to Council staff and Councillors.


City Council response

Costings vary between $5.0m and $7.7m and are being revised at present to reflect the current movement in the market prices and work being carried out on the detailed design.

A copy of the last estimate of $5.2m for option 8D carried out in September 2004 is included in the information. This is the basis for the current scheme progressing to detailed design.

Plan No c13 Rec 3 is also attached. The costings are for Westchester Drive extension only and do not include the possible subdivision road shown across the Reedy property.

The current budget in the Long Term Council Community Plan is $5.0m spread over two years. This will be updated in this year’s review of the LTCCP using new information as it comes to hand.

Ed: As of end October 2008, a Wellington City Council roading engineer advised the cost was about $8 m. The roading extension is about 800 metres.