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Upcoming meetings 2024 - To be held at Halfway House or on Zoom at 7:30 p.m.

April 30

June 4

July 30, AGM.

The Glenside Progressive Association Inc. (GPA) is the body empowered by the Glenside community to act on its behalf in working to maintain its identified core values.
The purpose of the Association is to provide leadership and guidance for the Glenside community in the preservation, maintenance and enhancement of the environment of Glenside.
The Association provides a forum for discussion by the Glenside community about issues that impact on the community. Meetings are held about eight times a year and advertised in a local newsletter delivered to Glenside homes.
 The Association was first formed in 1955. It became an Incorporated Society in 2003 (Incorporation Number 1302000) and a Registered Charity in 2009. The Charities Services Registration Number is CC41271.

wellington airport community awards

In 2019 the Glenside Progressive Association was a nominee for an award in the Heritage and Ecology section of the Wellington Airport Regional Community Awards. Click the ribbon above for further information about the award event.
Select topics from the menu bar for details about the Association and how it operates, and for information on the status of current Glenside activities and projects. The President's Report from the Association's Annual General Meetings summarises the status of activities for each year.

Elected Officers 2023-2024

Officers of the Glenside Progressive Association Inc. are:

President: Claire Bibby

Vice President: Georgia Freeman

Treasurer: Laurenson Chartered Accountants