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Roading engineer Stephen Harte often refers to traffic counts and traffic movements relating to the Westchester Drive extension.

Please could we have a copy of any reports that explain the traffic movements relating to the Westchester Link including documentation of the traffic counts undertaken at the intersections on Middleton Road and Halswater Drive since 2003?


City Council response

Earlier work by MWH in their technical report put traffic volumes at between 5300 and 6500 vehicles per day.

On revised growth potential figures for the area with Stebbings Valley developed beyond the presently planned 800 houses the projected daily traffic volume exceeds 8000 vehicles per day.

This projection allows for a further potential of 500 houses between the present development and Tawa and assumes there is an additional link into Tawa possibly alongside Arohata Prison.

Current traffic counts in the general vicinity are included as requested.