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We have been advised by a City Council roading engineer (20th May 2008) that there is a draft consent application document relating to Westchester Link Road in the care of Stephen Harte, Wellington City Council roading engineer. The existence of this document has been confirmed to us by people in Greater Wellington Regional Council who have been able to view it.

Please provide us with a copy of the latest draft consent proposal and any consent applications that may have been submitted in relation to the proposed Westchester Drive extension.


City Council response

A draft copy of the consent application for Westchester Drive is provided. Two applications will be made. One to the WCC for a change in designation and the other to the GWRC for an earthworks consent.  This draft is to have additional information added on earthwork methodology and mitigation measures, noise assessment and visual simulations.

WCC Notification of Requirement for Extension of Westchester Drive

 GWRC Notified Resource Consent