Gardeners at rest

The Heritage Gardeners

Our purpose

Our purpose is to develop a Victorian farm garden in the grounds of the historic Halfway House at Glenside. This is done by using plants and features that would have been typical of an 1840-1900 rural settlement to achieve a country look and feel.

What we do

The Heritage Gardeners are community volunteers from Glenside and neighbouring suburbs. We operate on the principle that anyone can be a heritage gardener and contribute in some way. Our youngest gardeners began at age 6 and our oldest contributor is over 80. We garden by:

Raising plants from seed and cuttings at home.

Watering, or sweeping the paths.

Ensuring the physically enabled people do the digging, lifting, planting and turn the compost.

Selling plants at our community events to raise funds.

Research in museums, libraries and on the internet.

Field trips to visit historic gardens to get ideas and learn.

Bringing friends and family to the garden to visit and enjoy.

Get involved!

If you would like to participate in any of the activities above, please give us a call. Alternatively, join in at any of our working bees which are advertised as Upcoming Events on this website.

See our achievements, look at colourful Victorian flowers and check out early New Zealand catalogues at Heritage Gardeners.


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