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The Glenside newsletter

Our purpose

The primary purpose of the Glenside newsletter is to keep residents and businesses informed about news, events and activities in Glenside, and upcoming meetings of the Glenside Progressive Association Inc.

The outcome is to promote neighbourliness.

What we do

We publish and distribute our newsletter in two forms six to eight times a year. The e-newsletter is distributed by Mailchimp and is sent to approximately 150 email addresses. The hard copy newsletter is an A4 two-page summary of the e-newsletter and is hand delivered to each household in Glenside, including those who receive an e-newsletter.

Get involved!

Email us if you would like to receive the e-newsletter.

Take photographs or write some information for the newsletter and email it to us. If you prefer, we can write the article for you. 

We would very much like every household and business in the suburb to receive a newsletter and would welcome your assistance to deliver it.


Claire Bibby email info @ glenside.org.nz