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About Community Emergency Hubs

A Community Emergency Hub is a pre-planned 'pop-up' procedure that, in an emergency, may be operated from any location, depending on where access and services may be available. The Hub guide (below) identifies roles and procedures to be addressed at a Hub in an emergency situation.


The Churton Park - Glenside Emergency Hub

Glenside follows the agreed Churton Park - Glenside Community Emergency Hub Guide, the procedures to follow are here:

Community Emergency Hub Guide

(PDF 2MB - This version is dated December 2017).


Hub Location

If the situation allows, the Community Emergency Hub will be established at the Churton Park School where an Emergency Hub resource kit is located.

If access or services are not available to or at the school, then the Glenside secondary hub site may be established at:

  • An alternative Churton Park site, or
  • At the Glenside Halfway House, or
  • at another alternate venue.

The Hub venue will be announced, either via the News items on this website, on the Glenside Facebook Page, or by word of mouth spread by community members.


Further Hub Details

Further details on the Churton Park - Glenside Community Emergency Hub are provided on the Churton Park Community Association website here:

Churton Park - Glenside Community Emergency Hub

You are strongly advised to read the website page above and to download the Community Emergency Hub guide and read it.