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Photo: Mac McCardle

Photo: Mac McCardle

Iced biscuits

Prize winning iced biscuits

Home Grown Produce on display

Rosalia Kiernan's Produce Sculpture, Junior 10 and Under

Amelie Sutcliffe's Plated Design, Junior 10 and Under

Becky Ngan's Floral Posy, Junior 10 and Under

Claire Bibby's Bouquet, Open Home Grown

Photo: Mac McCardle

Onslow Historic Society sharing the knowledge

Johnsonville Lions cooking up a treat

Photo: Mac McCardle

Pet Parade Prize Winners

Happiest Pet
Monty Davidson with Maxie, the golden retriever

Cutest Pet
Sophie Brown with Ollie, the border terrier

Most Unusual Pet
Pelagia Sutcliff with Buttercup, the sheep

Best Presented Pet
Joseph Bond with Sassy, the dashund

Smartest Pet
Xavier Fuloner with Bruce, the dog

Junior Handler
Giara Griffon with Milo, the dog

Judges choice – Smallest Pet
Ruben Whaley with Pip and Poppy the guinea pigs


Exhibit Prize Winners

Overall Winners

Junior: Rosalie Kiernan, Produce Sculpture (vegetable scarecrow)

Open: Nicola Hooker, Decorated Cupcakes


Category Winners

Category A - Junior 10 and under

1st Rosalie Kiernan, Produce Sculpture (vegetable scarecrow)

2nd Palagia Sutcliffe, Plated Design (penguin)

Category B - Junior Age 11-16

1st Brodie Domb, Handcrafted Item (fly)

2nd Brodie Domb, Home Baking (heart shaped biscuits)

Category C - Open Home Creations

1st Nicola Hooker, Decorated Cupcakes

2nd Mary Thompson, Artwork (painting – seashore scene)

Category D - Open Home Grown

1st Jan Voss, Home Grown Produce (black capsicum)

2nd Suzanne Hendry, Floral Arrangement (rose spray)


Class Prize Winners 

Category A - Junior 10 and under

J1 Home Baking

1st Luke Sopher

2nd Emma Domb

3rd Emma Domb

J2 Plated Design

1st Palagia Sutcliffe

2nd Ethan Kehoe

3rd Amelie Sutcliffe

J3 Produce Sculpture

1st Rosalia Kiernan

2nd Ella Herman

3rd Amelie Sutcliffe

J4 Floral Posy

1st Becky Ngan

2nd Haley Martin

 J5 Sculpture

1st Emma Domb

2nd Becky Ngan

3rd Braden Kiernan


Category B – Junior Age 11- 16

J6 Home Baking

1st Brodie Domb

2nd Amelie Sutcliffe

J7 Decorated Cupcakes

1st Brodie Domb

2nd Amelie Sutcliff

J8 Handcrafted Item

1st Brodie Domb

2nd Amelie Sutcliffe

3rd Brodie Domb

J9 Floral Posy

1st Amelie Sutcliff

J10 Handmade Jewellery

Nil entries

J11 Artwork (2-D)

Nil entries

 Category C – Home Creations

O12 Home Baking

1st Erin Campbell

2nd Vivenne Townsend

3rd Vivenne Townsend

O13 Home Creations

1st Nicola Hooker

2nd Andrea Wilson

O14 Home Preserves

1st Margaret Ellis

2nd Michelle Sopher

3rd Vivienne Lewis

O15 Handcrafted Item

1st Esther Kiernan

2nd Jennifer Sutcliffe

3rd Sara Miller

O16 Wood or Bone Creation

1st Mac McCardle

2nd Hannah Turner

O17 Artwork (2-D)

1st Mary Thompson

2nd Sylvia Mellor

3rd Jan Voss


Category D – Open Home Grown

1st Jan Voss

2nd Joan Garman

3rd Joan Garman

O19 Local Animal Product

1st Sara Miller

2nd Donna Sherlock

3rd Pelagia Sutcliff

O20 Single Floral Bloom

1st Michelle Sopher

2nd Jacqueline Bligh

3rd Claire Bibby

O21 Bouquet or Floral Arrangement

1st Suzanne Hendry

2nd Claire Bibby

3rd Jan Voss