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This iconic macrocarpa is visible from Rowell's Road, near Middleton Road, Glenside

Macrocarpa's at Ivy Bank Farm

Old macrocarpa's at Ivy Bank Farm (aka Nott House, Rowell's or Max Dorset's)

Monterey – Cupressus Macrocarpa in Glenside

Thomas Drake’s brother-in-law, Creasey Broderick, settled at The Halfway. In her book “Wellington’s Heritage”, published in 2000, author Winsome Shepherd asks the question: “Did Creasey Broderick, obtain some seed from Monterey when participating in the Californian Gold Rush?”

The Monterey Peninsular in California is today considered one of the most beautiful retreats in the world for photographers and artists. There, the macrocarpa is known as the Monterey cypress and is revered for its form and shape. (Douglas Long, Among the Cypress, The Monterey Peninsula, undated).

The macrocarpa throughout Glenside have become the natural habitat for ruru (morepork) and are an icon for the area.