Egg and Spoon race
Lining up for the egg and spoon race


“Thank you for a lovely afternoon - good old fashioned fun and heaps of enjoyment.” Jane

“Really enjoyed Sunday, thanks for all your hard work to organise it.” Suzanne

The Halfway House

A community picnic was held at the Halfway House and Glenside Reserve on 30 March 2008.

It was a relaxed event enabling neighbours and Wellington City Council to meet and talk about the draft Northern Reserves Management Plan and the future of the Halfway House.

The Halfway House was opened for the occasion, with historic photographs and local history displayed in the upstairs rooms.

The Newlands-Paparangi Riding Club had a selection of horses at the gate to the Reserve for people to admire and pet.

After games on the lawn, people sat back and enjoyed the sound of the bagpipes, played by Hamish McCardle.


Ranger Steve weighs in
Ranger Steve weighs in


Guess the weight of the apple

Madison invited people to guess the weight of a Peasegood Nonsuch apple grown in her family’s garden this summer.

There were 18 guesses ranging from 230gms to 700gms. The correct weight was 446gms.

The winner was Andrew McNaughton who estimated 450 gms

Joseph Bond was second with 440gms.

Joseph and Madison
Joseph and Madison

A little bit of history

The Peasgood Nonsuch apple was named from an apple pip sown by Mrs Peasgood of Stamford, England in 1858.



Bagpipe talk
Bagpipe talk with Hamish


The Halfway House now and the future

The community were invited to write words to describe the Halfway House as it is and how it could be. This is what was written:



Great lawns.

Falling down.

Paint cracked.

Spacious rooms.

Needs love and attention.

Open outlook and still has family atmosphere.

It would be tragic to lose this historic building.

Run down – a shadow of its glory days.

Big well proportioned rooms.

Sadly neglected.


A waste.


“Listen to the sound of the stream. It must have been wonderful to sit out on the porch in the sun and hear the water flowing by. In those days you could sit on the porch and see the stream across the lawn. Those buildings wouldn’t have been there. Isn’t it amazing you can still hear the stream today!” Irene

The future


To look loved.

To be an historic building.

Bushes and trees to surround it.

Restored to its former glory for all to admire and enjoy.

Hear the sound of happy voices in the house and garden.

The smell of wood and manuka (tea tree leaves).

To be used instead of an empty shell.

Walk from the lawns to the stream.

Restored to its former condition.

Planting to hide fence.

The smell of coffee?

Get its heart back.

To be admired.