NZ Police have provided a contact number, 0800 TIP OFF, for people to contact them in relation to two fires in the Glenside area.

Police message in full:

At about 9pm on Wednesday the 12th of March 2008, two suspicious fires were started.

The first was at the intersection of Westchester Drive East and the southbound motorway on ramp. An area of approximately 10x30 metres of scrub was destroyed. The fire ran up the embankment and came very close to residential homes.

The second fire was at the intersection of Middleton and Rowells Road. The area destroyed was approximately 25 x 50 metres, again the fire ran up the embankment but was extinguished before serious damage occurred.

Police are seeking information about any persons acting suspiciously in those areas prior to, or at the time of the incident. People with any information should contact 0800 TIP OFF. (0800 847633)