There were several suspicious fires in the Glenside area on Wednesday evening, 12 March. The Dominion Post reported that arson was suspected. One of the fires was located at the motorway interchange. Another was at the intersection of Rowell’s Road and Middleton Road and quickly raced up the hillside into pine trees. Glenside community patroller, Jacqueline Bligh, heard the noise of the fire. When she came out of her home to see what was happening, she quickly volunteered her services directing traffic. “The fire service gave me a reflective jacket and asked me to carry on,” she said. Glenside Progressive Association president Claire Bibby was out at the time of the fires, which were near her property. When she returned home, fire fighters were clearing up. There were several messages on the answer-phone from neighbours checking to see if she was OK. “It’s great to know that neighbours are taking direct action to keep the community safe,” she said.