An article extracted from the Glenside Newsletter archive - October 2005 providing a \'blast from our past\' showing our aspirations and the writing style of the day.


Bridge bunting


The Glenside Crossing

The new footbridge has been named The Glenside Crossing, by consensus of those present at the opening ceremony, held on 1st October at midday. A nice wooden sign will be fixed to the bridge to display the new name.


Richard of Works Infrastructure won the competition! There were 17 entries. Three of the Works Infrastructure bridge builders had entered suggestions.


Red Ribbons Cut

Anyone who harboured a burning desire to cut a ribbon in an opening ceremony was given first option of the scissors. However, the adults became shy and it was the lot of three enthusiastic child volunteers to cut the red satin. There was one breathtaking moment when the left hander struggled with his right-handed scissors, but perseverance won in the end.

Bubbles and Baby

Seven month old Jared was given the honour of being the first to cross the bridge. His mother, Susan carried him over as the children formed a guard of honour blowing bubbles.

Suzanne, Jed, Joseph, Barry, Helen
Suzanne, Jed, Joseph, Barry, Helen

Good Turnout

More than 25 people came to the opening. Works Infrastructure, who built the bridge, had a callout the previous night which kept them up until 2:00 am. They were unable to attend however their project manager, Richard passed on apologies.

A bit of history

GPA President Claire passed around several photographs of the crossing as it looked in 1948 and about 30 years ago. She reminded everyone of the Maori trails which preceded Middleton Road and the struggles road builders and new settlers faced crossing the streams in the pioneering years.

Thank you to…

Peter of Twigland Gardeners World who donated the $50 garden voucher to the winner of the naming competition. Jed who provided road warning signs to keep everyone safe. All those who entered the competition and put much thought into their entries.

Last word

Alyssa, on speaking to her six year old colleagues at Ashurst school: “Usually the Queen opens bridges but at Glenside the children do.”