When local residents were tidying up around the kowhais and cherry trees on Glenside Road corner in the weekend, some small treasures were discovered.


Pauline found this tiny nest made of wool and long grass. Any ideas what bird lived in this? Send your suggestion to “info at glenside.net.nz”


An old settlers rose was discovered, wending its way through the trees. It was growing at the abandoned front entrance to a former dairy farm. The farm was sub-divided long ago for housing.

A big thank you to Barry, Claire and Pauline for tidying up Glenside Road corner.

Glenside corner was first planted by Glenside residents in 2004 with native shrubs donated by Wellington City Council. Twigland Garden Centre donated three cherry trees.

Glenside road corner

In 2008 the Glenside Progressive Assn. Inc. purchased three more cherry trees, at reduced cost from Twigland’s. The first of these cherry’s was planted in memory of Murray Henderson. His ancestors came to live at the end of the road in 1886, at a farm they named Glenugie.