Historic Halfway House

The historic 19th century Halfway House at Glenside is currently undergoing restoration.

Project Manager Vikki Muxlow of Wellington City Council said that where possible,  the intention is to restore it to the original  heritage fabric.

"We have removed the additions that were put on in the fifties. Once it has been re-piled, we will start from the roof top and work down," she said.

The roof will be replaced and the interior will be fumigated. Borer damaged skirting and bannister railings will be replaced true to the original design.

The existing chimney is able to be strengthened and retained. A chimney that was removed in the past will be replaced with a mock look-alike to represent the original design.

The Council will take paint scrapings to identify the original exterior paint colour.

Vikki project managed the restoration of the Sexton's Cottage at Bolton Street cemetery, and the Overseas Cottage behind the Botanical Rose Garden. She said that Council is very excited about the restoration of the Halfway House.

The house was built on the same site where a Halfway House was mapped in 1849.

The original name of Glenside was The Halfway, as it was located halfway between Wellington and Porirua.

The Halfway House was the name given to the house where travellers stopped for rest and refreshments on their journey between the two settlements.