Old stump before being lifted into place

Lifting the old pine

Steve Patterson lifting the stump into place. Matt Robertson watching on.

Lifting the stump into place

Success! The old stump in its new resting place.

Old man pine relocated into the grounds of the historic Halfway House. Top photo: Mark McGuinness with the big stump. Bottom photo: From left: Harley Pilalas, Wellington Pipe Lines; Simon Small, Griffiths Civil Build Ltd; Steve Patterson, Patterson’s Heavy Haul; Claire Bibby, Heritage Gardeners; Matt Robertson, Wellington City Council; Carolyn Lutter, Heritage Gardeners.

An old man pine has taken on a new lease of life as a feature in the heritage garden of the historic Halfway House in Glenside. The stump was removed from the entrance to the Glenside Reserve horse paddocks to make room for a shed for an emergency water supply. The Heritage Gardeners asked if the stump could be retained as a feature in the garden, instead of being trucked to a landfill.

"It was once part of a shelter belt. We have retained the old stumps marking the belt, as they are evocative of the bush felling days," said Claire Bibby of the Heritage Gardeners. "We are very pleased the men all agreed to lift this big fellow into place."

The stump will provide natural shelter and one of the branches forms a natural seat.