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Board Games Night at the Halfway House

Who: For Glenside residents and family aged 12 to 100.
When: Saturday 7th April, 7:00 pm start.
Where: At the historic Halfway House on the Glenside Reserve, next to Twiglands.

How it works

Four rooms downstairs set up with table and chairs. Make up, or join in a table of four to six neighbours.

Bring a game or choose one. We have Trivial Pursuit, Pictionary, Scrabble, Breakscore, Family Feud, Cluedo...

Relaxed option – bring pillows or beanbags and your music - head upstairs and play your board game on the carpet (no liquids upstairs).


Please bring some finger food to share for supper.

Break for supper and socialising at 8:30 pm.

Night owls can play until 10:00 pm.


It’s all free but we need an estimate of numbers to organise seating.

Contact anyone from the committee to let them know you will be there, or use the Glenside email address.

Organised by the Glenside Progressive Assn. for Neighbours Day.