The annual Landcare Research Garden Bird survey invites people to spend just one hour watching birds in a garden or park and recording the highest number of each species seen or heard at one time. The survey helps researchers to monitor distribution and detect population trends in garden birds. Here’s the results for Glenside Reserve and the Halfway House garden, including last year's tally.

Halfway House garden

2017, Wednesday, 28 June

3 x blackbirds on lawn
2 x ducks in stream
1 x fantail in lawsoniana
4 x magpies prowling all over the place
2 x pukeko on the lawn
1 x sparrow in lawsoniana
1 x starling on lawn

2016, Thursday, 30 June

3 x blackbirds on lawn
3 x fantails in lawsoniana
1 x finch in plum tree
6 x sparrows in lawsoniana
1 x yellow hammer in plum tree
Noted: 2 x ducks flew overhead.

Glenside Reserve

2017, Wednesday, 28 June

4 x blackbirds grazing
1 x fantail in tree
2 x magpies prowling
3 x sparrow in trees
Noted: 7 x seagulls flying overhead due south. Could hear the call of a plover but could not see it.

2016, Thursday, 30 June

8 x blackbirds grazing
2 x ducks grazing
1 x kingfisher on electric wire
5 x pukeko grazing
6 x sparrows in streamside tree
2 x yellowhammer grazing
Noted: 2 x ducks flying and 1 x seagull flying. Most birds seem to arrive from the creek bed zone, even the yellow hammers.