The street coordinator kit

Imagine this - a Civil Defence emergency has been declared in your neighbourhood. Emergency services are stretched and can’t get to you, your neighbours, or your business. What will you do? How can you help each other to survive in the first 72 hours?

Glenside and Churton Park communities are getting together to form a community response plan for this type of emergency.

As part of this planning, the Wellington Regional Emergency Management Office (WREMO) are facilitating three public meetings for Glenside and Churton Park residents and businesses.

The meetings will be held at the Churton Park School Hall at 7:00pm on the 11th August, 25th August and 8th September 2016.

Glenside resident Andrea Wilson is leading this project for the Glenside community. She has approached it from two angles.

"The first part was to develop a Neighbourhood Level Plan,” said Andrea. “Roads in Glenside have been divided up and assigned Street Coordinators. Their job is to visit each household, introduce themselves and invite the residents to meet their neighbours and coordinate this.”

She said each coordinator has been supplied with information packs with hand-outs and flyers from both the Wellington City Council and WREMO. These include:

  • Making an emergency toilet
  • A household emergency checklist
  • Information on purchasing emergency water tanks from the City Council
  • How to build a resilient neighbourhood
  • A neighbourhood resources register.

The information collected on the resources register will help create a 'Glenside Emergency Resources List' of available residents and equipment that might be useful in an emergency.

The second part was to work in partnership with Churton Park residents and WREMO to form a Community Response Plan.

More information on forming a Community Response Plan can be found on the WREMO website

For more information please contact Andrea Wilson on info @