Dead rat

Rat killed in one of our Halo traps beside the stream.

It had been feeding on bread tossed out to feed other wildlife.

Photo: Barry Blackett. 

"It has been 15 months now that the Glenside community has been involved with the Halo project," writes Halo organisor Allan Brown.  "A massive thanks to Gareth Morgan for having the vision and the funding. It has been great to see us all come together to save our native wildlife."

Allan's Halo report follows - 

The kill

The first 15 months has seen us eradicate 200 possums, 210 rats and I am sure many many mice. 

The next steps for the Halo project for the Glenside community will hopefully see every house hold have a rat trap and mice traps as a minimum working on their properties. There will probably have to be some hands on instructions for setting them, best practice for where to set them and good data collecting for the next 12 months.

We are going to set firm boundaries that will be the Glenside (enclave) which hopefully over the next year will see all resident possums eradicated and those that move in to the enclave from the outside trapped as they arrive.

Death to rats and mice

Rats & Mice will hopefully over the next 12 months be intensively trapped and their numbers to the lowest levels the valley has ever seen.

To date no stoats or weasel's have been taken but several have been seen. Some expert advice is needed and more targeting of these pests is a high priority.

The next phase is to intensify the trapping on the eastern side of the valley and also the north & south boundaries will have permanent sets to minimise any re-infestation.

Hopefully we can purchase more DOC 200 rat & stoat traps which will be set along the river corridor. The massive flood we had last year wiped out a few of the traps so these will need replacing.

So 15 months has gone and we are already making good progress. The next two years are vital for the native species that live and visit our little paradise. Pest eradication must carry on so the wildlife can start to thrive.

How to help

We need every member of the community to get involved in some small way. Trapping, planting trees that are good for birds, keeping cats inside at night - it all helps.

Hopefully the bird song has been a little bit louder this year at your place. That's what it is all about.