Wellington Anniversary Day, Monday 25th January, 2016.

Prizewinners are listed at the bottom of this page. We are adding names as they come to hand. 

Ciara and Milo

Ciara and her spoodle "Milo"

Saskia and Nibbles

Saskia and "Nibbles"

Photo: Jan Voss

Vege baby

Vege baby in coconut shell

Vege monkey

Prizewinner! Created by Ella Hermann

Vege train

This clever construction of produce by Neve Hermann won second prize

Vege elephant

Third prize by Ethan Kehoe - love those twinkly clove toes

 Scary thing

Surprised eyes!

 Judges table

Judges table

Cafe sales

Ready for the hungry hoards!



Photo: Barry Ellis

Snow sculpture

Friendly snowy sculpture

Soft sculpture

Soft sculpture by Olivia Cornell


Plated design by Ethan Kehoe


Petting Zoo

Photo: Barry Ellis

Pet parade

Pets on parade : ) Photo: Barry Ellis

Cute pets. Photo: Jan Voss

Happy Pets

Happy pets. Photo: Jan Voss


Photo: Jan Voss

Profiterole tower

First prize, Open Baking. Champion prizewinner for Home Creations. Created by Brianna Beatson

Louise cakes

 First Prize, Heritage Baking. Louise cakes. 1931 recipe from the New Zealand publication "Practical Home Cookery Chats and Recipes". Baked by Claire Bibby

Oat biscuits

Second Prize, Heritage Baking. Exhibition biscuits. 1945 recipe from "Aunt Daisy Cookbook". Baked by Colleen Henry

Pickles, sauces and jellies

Selection of preserves - sauces, pickles, jams and jellies

Floral arrangements



Prize winners

Pet Parade

1st Happiest Pet - Dudley (Dog) with Rachel Dudfield

1st Cutest Pet - Ruku (Dog) with Jane O'Callaghan

1st Most Unusual Pet - Nibbles (Rabbit) with Saskia and Amelie Rupp

1st Best Presented Pet - Milo (Dog) with Ciara (no surname)

1st Smartest Pet - Sputnik (Dog) with Sonia Calvert

Judges's Choice - Nibbles (Rabbit) with Saskia and Amelie Rupp

Junior Handler -  Elsa (Chicken) with Eden Growcott

Colouring in competition

Neve, age 5

Bianca, age 12

Exhibits Junior 10 & Under

J1 Homebaking
1. Cassandra Wilson
2. Evan Varley
3. Ella Hermann

J2 Plated Design
1. Neve Hermann
2. Ethan Kehoe
3. Ella Hermann

J3 Produce Sculpture
1. Ella Hermann
2. Neve Hermann
3. Ethan Kehoe

J4 Handmade Jewellery
1. Neve Hermann
2. Ethan Kehoe
3. Ella Hermann

J5 Small Sculpture
1. Ella Hermann
2. Olivia Cornell
3. Ella Hermann

Overall Winner Junior 10 & Under
Ella Hermann, Product sculpture of monkey & banana

Exhibits Junior 11-16

J6 Junior Baking
1. Miriam Roberts Thomson

J10 Artwork (2-D)
1. Miriam Roberts Thomson
2. Miriam Roberts Thomson

Overall winner Junior 11-16
Miriam Roberts Thomson, Artwork (2-D), Tui

Open Home Creations

O11 Heritage Baking
1. Claire Bibby, 1931 Louise Cakes
2. Colleen Henry, 1945 Exhibition Biscuits
3. Donna Sherlock, Fruit Cake

O12 Open Baking
1. Brianna Beatson
2. Colleen Henry
3. Andrea Wilson

O14 Home Preserves
1. Colleen Henry
2. Michelle Sopher
3. Lynne Dellow

Overall winner Open Home Creations
Brianna Beatson, Open Baking, Mini Croquembouche

Open Home Creations (Craft)

O15 Handcrafted Item
1. Tania Roberts Thomson
2. Sylvia Mellor
3. Su O'Hara

O16 Best Dressed Teddy or Doll
1. Sharon Kehoe
2. Jan Voss

O17 Artwork (2-D)
1. Sylvia Mellor
2. Sylvia Mellor

Overall winner Open Home Creations (Craft)
Tania Roberts Thomson, Handcrafted Item, Blanket

Open Home Grown

O18 Home Grown Produce
1. Michelle Sopher
2. Jan Voss
3. Michelle Sopher

O20 Single Floral Stem or Bloom
1. Rachel Dufield
2. Claire Bibby
3. Julie Ann Holly Miskell

O21 Bouquet or Floral Arrangement
1. Andrea Wilson
2. Claire Bibby
3. Jan Voss

Overall Winner Open Home Grown
Andrea Wilson, Bouquet or Floral Arrangement