Halfway House Glenside

Historic Halfway House, Glenside, November 2015

A blessing is to be held at the Glenside Reserve on Tuesday, 10th November, commencing at 11:00am. The blessing has been invited by Wellington City Council and is supported locally. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Back in 2002, the Glenside community invited Ngati Toa and St John Anglican Church to bless the streams and land in the locality. That was a special day with a big turnout and we are looking forward to meeting with Ngati Toa and St John Anglican Church again.


Date: Tuesday, 10th November
Attendees: Ngāti Toa Kaumatua, Reverend Ben Johnson-Frow, Glenside Progressive Association, WCC representatives, wider Glenside community, everyone welcome.
Venue: Halfway House, next to Twiglands, Glenside Reserve, Glenside
Meet: 10.30am: Pre-meeting to run through ceremony
Start: 11.00am: Blessing ceremony starts
Kai: 11.30am Kai – Tea & Coffee
Finish: 12.00pm Finish


Trevor Himona, Senior Advisor Treaty Relations for the Wellington City Council, has provided an explanation of the Whakanoa Ceremony.

Whakanoa Ceremony

“In traditional times, every hapū, every marae and pāpākainga (village) utilised a pond, spring, or brook as a special place where sacred rites could be performed.

“These important sites were also set aside for that specific purpose. These waters were never used for any domestic purposes.

“Lifting of tapu was often done at these places. Where land requires tapu to be removed, karakia led by the mana whenua is undertaken to remove 'tapu' from the land and surrounding area.

“This aims to allow daily activities to be carried out free of these restrictions and so that new endeavours can be flourish and thrive.

“This is the objective for the whakanoa ceremony to be held at the Glenside reserve.”


Māori dictionary defines 'Whakanoa', (verb), to remove tapu: to free things that have the extensions of tapu, but it does not affect intrinsic tapu.

Māori dictionary defines 'Tapu', (stative), be sacred: prohibited, restricted, set apart, forbidden, and under atua protection.