Glenside Memorial

This Thursday, 10 October, people are invited to lay some flowers at the Glenside memorial of a pioneer woman who died and was buried nearby 174 years ago.

In the late afternoon of 10 October, 1842, Bishop Selwyn and his entourage of Maori arrived in the valley of The Halfway (Glenside) and halted beside a stream to make camp for the night. The Bishop was on a walking journey north. At about 4:00 in the afternoon he called at the house of Susannah and Anthony Wall. In a letter to her sisters back in England, Susannah wrote of that visit:

“....he called at my house it was aboute 4 oclock in the afternoon there was aboute 30 of the natives with him carry his tent and provisions and different things that he needed there is not houses for travellers to call at and accomadation as in england when night comes they must lie down rapt in there blankit and kindle a fire...

...a poor woman at the neighbouring house ad died in the winter and the rodes was so bad at that time she could not be carried down to the burying ground in Wellington and she was burred with oute the buriel servise I told the Bishop and he whent with me and the poor womans husband to the grave and read the burial services...”

The name of the woman who died and was buried there is not known. When the Westchester Drive link road was formed through Glenside in 2011-2012, the Wellington City Council had an archaeologist on site to ensure that the burial site was not disturbed. The site was not located and on 10 October, 2013 a memorial to honour her memory was unveiled near where people remember the site was marked.

This Thursday, 10th October, commemorates the anniversary of the visit by Bishop Selwyn to bless her burial site in 1842 and the memorial unveiling in 2013.  People are invited to lay some flowers at the memorial in remembrance of her passing.