Wellington City Council have reassured Glenside residents that there is no intention to replace the Glenside name on the motorway signage with Grenada Village.

Council said they are working on a long term solution for motorway signage in the locality with New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) and will be consulting with communities and will not be reducing the level of service to communities already on the motorway signs.

The latest debate about motorway signage in the locality came up as a result of a letter received by the Council from a member of the public questioning why Grenada Village is not on motorway signage. Wellington City Council then opened a Facebook discussion whether Glenside suburb should be replaced by Grenada Village. Many people responded that both Glenside and Grenada Village should be signposted.

This is not the first time the discussion has surfaced. In 2010 Wellington City Council asked Glenside Progressive Assn. Inc. for its views on motorway signage. At the time Wellington City Council had asked NZTA for Grenada Village suburb to be included on the motorway signs and NZTA advised it was cheaper and less effort to take Glenside off and replace it with Grenada Village to do this.

Wellington City Council responded by strongly urging the NZTA to recognise Grenada Village and Glenside by modifying the signs to recognise these two communities. In 2010 NZTA decided to leave things as they were. Now, five years later, it would seem they are prepared to reconsider their position.