Enjoy these images from the Glenside Show, held on Wellington Anniversary Day.

The Pet Parade


Suzanne Hendry of Glenside and her happy pet

Photo: Mac Mccardle


Photo: Mac McCardle


Photo: Mac McCardle

First Prizes in the Pet Parade:

Junior Handler: Jacob Paul - dog "Alfie"

Best Presented Pet: Emily Hannah - goat "Pippens"

Most Unusual Pet: Amelie Sutcliff - chicken "Tegal"

Largest Pet: John Ragg - dog "Jonty"

Smallest Pet: Pelagia Sutcliff - rabbits

Smartest Pet: Hannah McGinty - dog "Jingles"

Cutest Pet: Geoff Hurren - dog "Jessie"

Happiest Pet: Donna Sherlock - dog "Hitch"

Home Grown

Entries in the Home Grown (Product) section

Photo: Mac McCardle


1st overall - Home Grown category went to Jan Voss with this honey -

extracted from a wild bee hive in her house ceiling!


Open Home Grown (Product)

1st, 2nd and 3rd - Joan Garman

Open Home Grown (Local Animal Produce)

1st - Jan Voss

2nd - Jan Voss

3rd -  Jennifer Sutcliff


Produce Sculpture


Braden Kiernan won second prize for this magnificent turtle -

Junior Home Art (Produce Sculpture)

Photo: Mac McCardle



Pelagia Sutcliff's prizewinning sculpture

Photo: Mac McCardle



Woop woop! Pull up, iceberg ahead! - A clever pun  -  the lettuce is known as the "Iceberg Lettuce"

The Titanic - entered by Pelagia Sutcliffe won first prize overall for -

Junior Home Art (Produce Sculpture)

Photo: Mac McCardle

Open Home Art (Produce Sculpture)

1st - Sutcliffe family

2nd - Jennifer Sutcliff

Junior Home Art (Produce Sculpture)

1st - Pelagia Sutcliffe

2nd - Braden Kiernan

3rd - Amelie Sutcliffe

Junior Home Art (Plated Design)

1st - Tom Curtain

2nd - Brianna Higgan

3rd - Tom Curtain

Bouquet or Floral Arrangement

Toby jug bouquet

Photo: Mac McCardle

Flower bouquet

Photo: Mac McCardle

Open Home Grown (Bouquet or Floral Arrangement)

1st - Claire Bibby

2nd - Palagia Sutcliffe

3rd - Shelby Lockwood

Open Home Grown (Single Floral Bloom)

1st - Claire Bibby

2nd - Shirley William

3rd - Jan Voss


Decorated Cakes

Halfway House iced cake

1st overalll in Home Creations -

A beautifully iced "Halfway House" cake by Esther Kiernan

Photo: Mac McCardle


Photo: Mac McCardle

Open Home Creations (Baking)

1st - Name not provided

2nd - Suzanne Hendry

3rd - Jan Voss

Open Home Creations (Decorated Cake)

1st - Esther Kiernan

2nd - Brianna Beatson

Open Home Creations (Preserves)

1st -  Phillippa Cole

2nd - Jennifer Sutcliffe

3rd - Eileen Doyle

Junior Home Creations (Baking)

1st - Kiri Van Koughnet

2nd - Nakita-Maree Norris

3rd Pelagia Sutcliffe


Out and about


Jane Mather, Glenside resident and agent for Tommy's Real Estate, leading the BBQ team

Photo: Mac McCardle


Girls and goat

Photo: Mac McCardle

Sax and vintage car





Photo: Mac McCardle


Devonshire teas

Photo: Mac McCardle