More than 170 plants went into the ground at the Halfway House in Glenside last weekend. Claire Bibby, Glenside Progressive Assn. Inc. said it was the first stage of a heitage garden on the site.

"We planted the streambank along the edge of the Halfway House lawn in toitoi, flax, wineberry and cabbage tree. The next planting will be to fringe the lawn with kowhai trees."

The Glenside community were supported by members of the Johnsonville Lions Club, Cnr. Ngaire Best and new candidate for the Northern Ward, Justin Lester. Wellington City Council Parks & Gardens prepared the site and Greater Wellington Regional Council advised on the plant selection.

A Halfway House has been recorded on the site since 1849. The current Halfway House dates from c1885. Glenside was originally called The Halfway as it was halfway between Wellington and Porirua. The name Halfway House was given to the premises that people stopped and rested at during their journey.

Planting team at Halfway House
The planting team
Photo: Mary O'Keeffe
Planting site Halfway House