The Glenside Streamcare Group contributed some good ideas toward a restoration plan for the Porirua Catchment, including a savvy educator eel in our rates notices at a planning meeting for the Porirua catchment.

The meeting was hosted by Wellington City Council, Porirua City Council and the Greater Wellington Regional Council on 18 August.

Environmental groups documented the issues they faced in ecological restoration and their focus. The groups were invited to share ideas on a way forward.

The  Glenside Streamcare Group ideas were:

Recognition of Ngati Toa as the mana whenua and enabling their voice to be heard

An endearing cartoon eel messenger in the rates newsletters of Wellington and City Councils, educating us on how to look after our waterways

Pollution and litter in the Porirua harbour mouth to be identified so that Council and community are better informed on how to reduce it

Streamcare best practice included in induction packages for Council employees and contractors.
Organiser Dr Paul Blaske said he was impressed at the high level of awareness of the environmental groups.

“A lot of people were saying similar things, the messages were not from one or two groups, and most are thinking across boundaries,” he said.

Dr Blaske said that the next step of the process will be visits to environmental groups in their geographic areas.

“We will write a report for the three Councils which will have suggestions about issues and restoration priorities. This report will advise a programme plan for Porirua catchment work and will be a resource for restoration groups,” he said.

The Glenside Streamcare Group was represented by Zena Kavas, Jan Rowland, Claire Bibby, and Paul Denton (Greater Wellington Regional Council).


Other environmental groups present were:

Horokiwi Reserve Group

Woodridge Planters

Friends of Willowbank Park

Friends of Tawa Bush

Churton Park Streamcare Group

Keep Porirua Beautiful

Marae Roa

Pauatahanui Trust.


Some of the Council representatives were:

Mayor Kerry Prendergast, Cnrs Celia Wade-Brown, Andy Foster for Wellington City Council

Cnrs Judy Aitken, Barbara Donaldson, John Burke for Greater Wellington Regional Council

John Gibbs and Keith Calder from Porirua City Council.