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Braid Cottage
David and Rosanna Braid's cottage built c1867

 Location: 1 Westchester Drive, Glenside

Heritage building listed by the Wellington City Council Map 26, Reference 373
David Braid built the cottage in c1867. Braid was a Johnsonville carrier and later became a Johnsonville baker.

One of his daughters cut the cake for the Johnsonville School Centennial as the oldest pupil and the cake for the St John Church 125th celebrations, as the oldest member of the congregation.

The house has been owned or lived in by notable people such as:
Cecil Mason NZ forest engineer
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Sybil Lupp, Wellington’s famous Jaguar lady
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Graham Perry, former NZ Police Assistant Commissioner was raised here as a child.

Cecil Mason conducted some of the early experiments to preserve wood here, using copper chrome arsenate. Mr Mason invented Borafume and operated NZ’s only Borafume factory on the historic Glenside property Ivy Bank Farm. He was a chemical scientist for the NZ Forestry Industry and eminent forestry researcher. He was employed by the United Nations as an international consultant in timber preservation. He was appointed by the British Government as their representative to hand British Guyana over to independent rule.