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Abandoned farm gardens associated with early settler in the Middleton Road corridor.

Drake’s garden.
Unnamed Wellington City Council Reserve on the corner of Wingfield Place and Middleton Road.

Hathorn Hedge on Glenside Road

The Barrow family farmed here.

This is an early settler hawthorn hedge, possibly planted by them.

Their daughter, Sarah Ann Barrow, was the first European migrant off the ship Aurora, to step ashore at Petone.

The Barrow trees and surrounding landscape, Glenside Road.

Site of The Halfway House, Anthony & Susannah Wall
Inside corner of Glenside Road and Stebbings Road.


Hathorn hedge

The hawthorn trees at centre were cut down and the site bulldozed for a future development.

Remnants of a hawthorn hedge which once surrounded a whare on the land currently being developed between the motorway and Middleton Road at Takapu.

In 2008 the hawthorn trees were cut down and the site bulldozed.

Dr Curl’s house site
Ivy Bank Farm
400 Middleton Road, Glenside.

Glenugie house site and garden
Stebbings Road/Glenside Road, Glenside.

Pre 1900
Possibly Marshall house site and garden
Glenside Kennels, 491 Middleton Road, Glenside.

Edward Wilson’s house site and garden.
Edward Wilson Reserve, Middleton Road.

District Plan Heritage Listing Application Made

In 2005 The Glenside Progressive Assn. Inc. sought to have four of the abandoned farm gardens listed as heritage areas or heritage sites and protected in the District Plan. At the time the City Council did not support this application. The four areas are:

c1840 The Barrow’s trees and surrounding landscape.
Most of the landscape was bulldozed and filled with earth in 2006.

c1840 The site of Wall’s Halfway House.
The owner wishes to build on this site. It is subject to an archaeological authority from the Historic Places Trust.

c1840 Drake Garden.

1886 Glenugie.
Parts of it were bulldozed in 2007.