We receive and value support from outside the Glenside area.This support comes from people or businesses located in our neighboring communities, from within the greater Wellington region and from other regions of New Zealand and overseas.We appreciate:



Churton Park Dairy

For several years Rakesh Gandhi and family have provided annual donations to the Association


Dennis Hamblin

Dennis provides photographic support for the website, the Glenside Christmas card, and has a keen interest in the future of The Halfway House. He often attends meetings.


Murray Henderson

Murray, a descendant of an early settler family in Glenside, took a keen interest in the Glenside community, contributing to the Association historical research. When he passed away a flowering cherry was planted in his memory on Glenside Road corner. 


Hensch family

The Hench family attend meetings from Khandallah and provide generous donations to the Association.


Joan Garman

Joan regularly attends Association meetings and provides locally sourced seed for Streamcare and Glenside Reserve planting.


Rex Johnson

Rex contributes to website development and administers the Glenside web site. He did this for several years from Australia.