Located in the heart of Glenside in more ways than one, we appreciate:

Twigland Gardeners World

Owner Peter Dunshea is a champion of the Glenside community, generously donating to the Association fund annually.

The business provides tools to the Glenside Streamcare Group at a reduced cost. He donated three cherry blossom trees for Glenside corner and soil for planting daffodil bulbs at the Glenside Signs.

In 2002 he supported the community Woody Weed event by allowing his premises to be used for the 'weed buster' program endorsed by the Department of Conservation.

Peter employs Glenside teenagers at Twiglands and contributes to the social capital of the community.

We also appreciate Twigs (above) for keeping an eye on Peter, looking after homeward bound school children, and for gracing our website banner.