Located in the heart of Glenside in more ways than one, we appreciate:

Twigland Gardeners World

Located in the heart of Glenside, Twigland Gardeners World at 240 Middleton Road, is right next door to the heritage garden at the Halfway House. The garden centre is open 9am to 5pm in the winter season. 

The previous owner and store manager Peter Dunshea has now retired from Twiglands, yet over the time that Peter was manager, he was a champion of the Glenside community, generously donating to the Association activities. This included an annual donation to the Association, donating flowering cherries on the Glenside Road corner, allowing the premises to be used for the Woody Weed 'weed buster' program endorsed by the Department of Conservation, providing tools to the Glenside Streamcare Group at reduced cost and employing Glenside teenagers.

Since around 2016, James Cameron has become the store manager and Don Liddle is now the sole owner of Twigland Gardeners World. James and the team at Twiglands are a knowledgeable bunch and always happy to help.

With the development of the heritage garden, the support of Twiglands has shifted toward the Halfway House. This support includes sourcing heritage roses and other plants for the hertitage garden, providing heritage plants at cost and supplying display plants for community events at the Halfway House. A member of their team, Andre Stanton is starting a series of gardening workshops at our gardens starting mid-2019.