For bringing Glenside values, history and issues out onto the digital world of the Internet we appreciate:

Rex Johnson

Claire Bibby

At the end of 2007 Rex and Claire developed the Glenside website.

Rex has continued to provide voluntary administrative support for the website and to the Glenside Progressive Assn. despite taking up a new job in Australia.

He exchanges emails three or four times a week with Claire on website matters.

In 2008 Rex contributed 20-35 hours effort over two weeks enabling the website to transfer smoothly across to a new server.

The website is fulfilling its purpose to inform, educate and network locally and internationally on the Glenside community.


Thank you

"I have to say it’s a great site and well put together. There must be some clever people in Glenside." David van Weede, Auckland, NZ

"It’s a cool website! Well done!" Rob McClean, NZ Historic Places Trust, in Italy

"You have a nice website. Good photographs. Cheers." Robert Franken, artist, Taita, NZ

"I have had a look at the website and it is really great. You have covered the trip so well (see The Glen/Historic Bus Trip 2008) and the photos look really good. Thank you." Heather Nelson, Wellington Branch Historic Places Trust, NZ

"The website looks great. It's also very informative. Looking at the home page, I wondered what the significance of the date 1928 was. I checked the history page and there it was! The pictures are great. I hope you are getting lots of good feedback from the residents - you've certainly put a lot of work into it." Mary Giles, Johnsonville, NZ


"Website looks great." Hugo Geddes, Victoria University School of Biological Sciences, Wellington, NZ

"I would like to congratulate the designer of this website for a job well done. I visit many websites around the world and I believe this to be one of the best I have seen. As a resident of Glenside I feel proud of our website. The photo images are amazing and well chosen to represent the content. I spent an enjoyable two hours browsing its content." Ian Woodmore, Glenside, NZ