For the 'greening of Glenside' we appreciate the volunteers who have spent time working along our stream banks, and in particular the core members of the Glenside Streamcare Group:

Jan Rowland

Zena Kavas

Margaret Rongen

Claire Bibby

Paul Denton (Greater Wellington Regional Council)

The Glenside Streamcare Group was established in 2002 in partnership with Greater Wellington Regional Council’s “Take Care” programme.

As an example of their effort over a planting season, one winter the group volunteered 190 hours at Stebbings Dam, Rowells Road and the Debris Arrestor project sites, planting 1688 native trees, grasses and shrubs.

The Group support Volunteer Wellington and Volunteer Porirua by providing a voluntary service to educate organisations and individuals in ecological restoration work. (These organisations and individuals also donate their time to the Streamcare Group).

In 2008 the Group were publicly acknowledged by Volunteer Wellington for working positively with ethnic people.

The Group supported the development of two new Streamcare Groups, the Woodridge/Paparangi Group and the Churton Park Streamcare Group.

The Streamcare Group’s efforts contribute to the restoration of the native habitat, raise community awareness about flood management and healthy streams and make Glenside a more pleasant place to be.


"I think it’s really cool you guys are working to restore the eels and kereru. I never knew just how rare some of our species of eel had become until recently. Where I grew up 30 minutes west of Taihape we had lots and lots of kereru in our garden. I shall have to draw one soon, it's been on my to-do list for some time! I like your idea about drawing eels. That could turn out really neat." Sam Clark, artist, Eastern Bay of Plenty, NZ