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The community goal for the Glenside reserves is to protect, enhance and promote them as community assets.

Wellington City Council prepared a draft Northern Reserves Management Plan for consultation in 2008. The Glenside Progressive Assn. made submissions to this plan. The Halfway House is on the main Glenside Reserve.

Glenside Reserves

The Glenside Reserves consist of three areas of land.

The largest reserve area is beside Monterey and Twigland Gardeners World. It is where the Halfway House and Newlands/Paparangi Pony Club are.


Glenside reserve
Main Glenside reserve area



The second area of reserve is located behind the bus stop on Middleton Road on the northern side of Westchester Drive East. The community vision for this area is for it to be developed as a village green.

Village green

(Full village green concept sketch)


The third area of reserve is a small walkway off Glenside Road.


Glenside track
Glenside walkway reserve




Reserve areas
Reserve areas