17th April 2018, Tuesday, 7:00 pm Heritage Gardeners

Meet at the Halfway House to discuss pedestrian gate, shed design, planting plan for shelter.

Recommended activity, Heritage Gardeners

If you are down at the Halfway House during the week, please weed around the orchard trees and dig a nice edge around the marcrocarpa stump that is being prepared for the fernery. 

28th April 2018, Saturday, 10:30 am

A Devonshire style morning tea at the Halfway House to honour Olaf John, Hugh Evans ,Juliet Trevethick, Gabrielle McCardle and Peter & Pauline Russell.  Glenside residents welcome.

Hugh Evans, who is in his eighties, painted the Halfway House and stables about 20 years ago. The oil painting was gifted to Olaf, who is now gifting it to the Glenside Progressive Assn. to hang in the house. Olaf lived in the Halfway House in the mid fifties. 

Juliet Trevethick has researched her ancestor Charles Trevethick, founder of the Lower Hutt Horticultural Society and eminent breeder of sweet peas, dahlias and roses.  Her research has been of great interest to New Zealand sweet pea breeder Dr Keith Hammett and his UK colleagues, and is being published by The Royal Horticultural Society in Great Britain this Easter.

Gabrielle McCardle donated the "more than 100 years old' aspisditra that came out to New Zealand from England by sailing ship.

Peter and Pauline Russell, who donated a colonial chair, discovered in a shed on a Wairarapa farm.

2 May 2018, Wednesday, 7:30 pm

Glenside Progressive Assn. meeting at the Halfway House. Please bring something to eat for a shared supper.