People are great!

But sometimes we find it hard to express our appreciation of what those people mean to us, what they may have done for us, or how we appreciate them for just being there for us.

On this page we offer you some special Glenside images to create a 'Thank You' card for those people. Just print the card, put in a few words of your own, a wee poem, or some signatures from your group and let the card carry your message.

For great results!

The cards are provided as pictures for printing in the normal way. View the selection of cards below, then click on the picture of your choice. When the new page finishes loading, print it from your browser and trim to size. Remember to select either portrait (vertical) or landscape (horizontal) settings to suit the card you have chosen. We recommend you print using glossy paper and that you set your printer preferences for glossy paper.

When printed, allow prints from an inkjet printer to dry first, then fold in half and put your special message inside. Our selection of Glenside 'Thank You' cards is growing, so check back here occasionally for the one that suits your purpose.