For the time, effort and commitment that Glenside Progressive Association office holders put into looking after the affairs of the Glenside community we appreciate:

Claire Bibby, President 2002-2010


Barry Blackett, Secretary, and at times Treasurer 2004-2007. Re-elected secretary in 2010

Suzanne Hendry, Treasurer 2006-2010

 Jan Voss, Secretary 2008-2010

Jacqueline Bligh, Secretary 2007-2008

Geoff Summers, Secretary 2002-2004

Jane Needham , Audit Report and Engagement Review 2002-2010


Through the efforts of the Glenside Progressive Association the values and concerns of our community are monitored and addressed.

We also appreciate the support that the Glenside community provides to its elected representatives by attendance and participation in monthly meetings and organised events. Thank you.

Thank you

"Thanks for all the work you have done. It is very comprehensive. We do however know the work you are putting in and really appreciate it. You have our support. We also read all e-mails and newsletters sent to us and look forward to them." Ken & Jude Mercer, Glenside, NZ