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Make a submission on the Westchester Link Road

Submissions closed Friday April 3rd 2009.

On Saturday 21st February Wellington City Council notified its intention to construct the 810 metre Westchester link road between Glenside and Churton Park by:

  • Varying the existing District Plan designation for the road
  • Carrying out earthworks, including removal of about 5,000 truckloads of earth from site
  • Constructing three bridges (one temporary)
  • Constructing retaining walls
  • Diverting Stebbings Stream

Copies of the two applications will be in Johnsonville and Tawa libraries and is available on CD.

For queries about the resource consent Wellington City Council is asking for, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ph 381 7732  of Greater Wellington Regional Council.

For queries about the road designation variation contact Andy Christofferson of Wellington City Council on 801 3192.


Updated: Cost of Westchester Drive Extension

The latest cost of the Westchester Link Road is 8.5 million dollars. Most of this will be paid for by the ratepayer. This draft PDF document explains what the development contributions will be for roading in the Northern Suburbs.

Westchester Drive Link appears to be the most expensive road for the least number of equivalent housing units planned in Wellington City.

Page 64 and 65 explain the cost of the roading and where it can be found in the Long Term Council Community Plan (LTCCP).

Rezoning Outer Residential to Road Reserve

This Wellington City Council report of April 2007 (PDF 1.33 MBytes) explains Council’s process to change Crown Land of 1924, zoned Outer Residential, to Road Reserve in order to construct the Westchester Drive extension.

The land, 275 Middleton Road, was vested in the Crown (Department of Conservation) under Section 111 of the Reserves Act 1977.

Council say this land will form part of the Westchester Drive extension and will be part of the new intersection that will be created with Middleton Road.


Road stopping: Stebbings Dam:

The purpose of this report in 2003 (PDF 213 KBytes) was to obtain the Council’s agreement to a land exchange with Greater Wellington. This involved:

  • Wellington City Council stopping and vesting land, that currently forms part of Stebbings Road, in Greater Wellington.
  • Greater Wellington vesting land in Wellington City Council for the future Westchester Drive road extension.