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Glenside Progressive Association Inc. congratulates Predator Free Miramar (winners) and Jay Street Community Gardens and Nursery (runners up) for the Heritage and Environment category of the Wellington Airport Regional Community Awards!

The Award is for 'Improvement or revitalising of the environment, culture or heritage'. The Glenside Progressive Association were finalists at the Awards, having been nominated by Rex Johnson of Cromwell.  Claire and Barry provided Rex this PDF document to support the nomination.

 Rex flew in from Otago and joined Association representatives Claire Bibby and Barry Blackett at the Awards presentation on 31 July, 2019.

Rex, who has been the website administrator for the Association since 2007, said he has watched the contributions and dedication of the GPA community grow over the years.

"The GPA volunteer activities are made in the community, by the community, for the community," he said in support of his nomination.

Activities that Rex highlighted were volunteers providing ongoing development of the Glenside Halfway House interior furnishing and heritage garden, and volunteers researching early identities and historic events for sharing on its website.

He wrote of the community volunteers who "plant the stream banks, clean out invasive plant species, trap unwanted pests and rodents, and are caretakers to resident birds and eels."

Rex also highlighted the special annual events the community share with the wider Wellington community. 

"Working together on projects has built personal relationships, increased neighbourliness and greater pride in their efforts," he said. "The greater benefit is that at times of need the community knows where to find, or to offer support to others."

Claire Bibby, President of the Glenside Progressive Association, described Rex as a champion of Glenside community leadership in heritage and the environment.

"He lived in our community for several years, contributing to streamside restoration projects. He is the founder of the Association website and although he now lives in Otago, he continues to maintain the website to give visibility to the activities our community is involved in. He visits us at the historic Halfway House every summer and is very supportive of our fabulous community."